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Mission Statement

"To grow and develop African American owned businesses through linkages, collaboration, partnerships and joint ventures and promote the inclusion and use of African Americans in all public projects as part of the design, construction and permanent workforce."

Welcome to AABA

Historically, African American businesses have been underserved. AABA’s role is to bring attention to the inequities that African American businesses face. Further, AABA advocates for inclusion to produce wealth, economic empowerment and parity within the marketplace.

To increase business development and wealth among African Americans Business Owners and workforce.

In 2004 Rev. Louis Coleman, Wade Houston and Ben Richmond called a community meeting with African American Businesses to discuss African American business opportunities associated with the 2008 PGA Ryder Cup. As a result of the turnout and the recognition that African American businesses in the Metro Area seem to be served at the bottom of the mandatory minority participation for the sell of goods and services, AABA was formed. AABA differs from other advocate groups in that it only provides information to the need for goods and services used by government agencies and those projects were tax dollars are used. Monthly meetings usually consist of speakers discussing their business efforts to include African American businesses and updates on various projects where our goods and services might be sole regardless of any certification requirements.


• Advocate for greater inclusion of African American owned business, located in the Kentucky, Southern Indiana and surrounding areas, in the purchase of goods and services in both the public and private sector and promote the permanent employment of African Americans in all phases and levels of both private and public projects and services.

• Recommend and promote changes in legislation/policies and procedures that serve as barriers to African American owned businesses to successfully gain business.

• Create and sponsor, through collaborations and partnerships, networking opportunities for exposure and connectivity and the publishing, periodically, of a list of African American owned businesses operating in metro Louisville and Southern Indiana.

• Advocate for greater availability of and accessibility to technical assistance and financing for African American owned business start ups, retention and expansion.

• Retain and expand capacity of existing businesses.