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Membership Benefits

AABA understands the needs of today's business and as an AABA member you will have access to an array of free and cost saving benefits. Below is a listing of AABA members benefits.

For additional membership information please email us at info@aabyky.com.

Member Cost Savings: As an AABA Member you will have access to an array of products, services, organizational and program discounts.

Advocacy AABA works on behalf of our member to advocate for inclusive policies and legislation that foster economic growth. As an AABA member you will have access to additional opportunities, information, and the ability to provide input and voice your opinion through a variety of forums, programs, and services.

Connections: Networking, networking, networking... As an AABA member you will have access to a variety of industry professionals, programs and services.

Communication As an AABA member you will be privy to current and insightful information regarding public and private business opportunities and membership updates.

Current Individual and Corporate Members

Citizens Union Bank: Veronica Cantrell-May

LG & E & KU Energy: Stephanie Pryor

United Construction & Design Group: Maurice Sweeney

HJI: Wade Houston

BA Engineers, Inc.: Richard Storm

VR Concrete Testing LLC: Ron Wright

VR Concrete Testing LLC: George E. Lee, Jr.

F5 Enterprises LLC: Miguel Hampton

American Ready Mix: Ronald Covington, Sr.

American Ready Mix: Joe Phillips

Louisville Enterprise Group: Hosea Mitchell

Louisville Metro Housing Authority: Phil Stepteau

JCPS: Carl Ledford

Tri State MSDC: Sonya Brown

TKT & Associates, Inc: Vetta Johnson

Louisville Metro Government: Vern√° Goatley

G. Berry Associates: Glenda Berry

Derbytown Services LLC: James White, Sr.

America's Finest Filters: Mike White