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2010 – Metropolitan Sewer District

AABA seeking to increase African American inclusion and participation in small cap sourcing under $10,000 and large projects. www.msdlouky.org

2010 – Corporate Procurement

Pursuing corporate responsibility in attracting, sourcing and advancing African American businesses across corporate purchasing.

2010 – Jefferson County Public Schools

AABA seeks to increase overall spend on construction projects and in the professional services arena within JCPS. www.jefferson.k12ky.us

2010 – Public Procurement

AABA seeking city wide procurement strategies to increase spending across African American businesses that generate wealth and job creation.

2010 – Equestrian Games

AABA seeking to provide contractors and suppliers for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in September 2010. http://www.alltechfeigames.com

2009-2010 – Arena Project

AABA sought to support inclusion within this multi-ifacted project for African American contractors and suppliers. Estimated participation has been quoted at 20%. www.arenaauthority.com

2007-2008 – PGA Ryder Cup

AABA created a strategic organization to garner and generate African American business opportunities within all aspects of the the Cup. www.rydercup.com/2008/usa