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AABA works on behalf of our members and the minority business community to advocate policies and legislation that are inclusive and support the growth and prosperity of minority owned business. AABA serves as your advocate in the private and public sectors of our communities; championing a fair, diverse and inclusive Metro Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Our public policy process involves aligning our members strategically with other community partners to develop a formulate comprehensive agenda that is reflective of minority business and workforce interest and concerns.

Our primary advocacy positions/Issues:

  • Economic Inclusion
  • Equitable representation within capital projects
  • Equitable representation on Boards (Private & Public), Commissions, Cabinets, and more..
  • Access to leadership to effect positive community changes within the African American community
  • Strategic political language promoting economic parity among contracts
  • Access to professional contracts within procurement
  • Access to varied ranges of contracts distributed within a given year among public and private organizations
  • Access to capital within the open and private markets
  • Leadership placement within all levels of that promote economic parity
  • Increase wealth of our businesses
  • Develop initiatives that promote growth within our region
  • Provide and produce economic incentives that support strong entrepreneurship

It is your vested interest, your concerns and support that allows AABA to advocate to our elected officials to develop inclusive policies and legislative decisions that benefit and support the Minority business community and workforce.

We appreciate your help advocating for issues critically important to our community and the vitality of your business. Thank you for your continued support of AABA.

For more information, support or to report a concern please contact us {link to contact page}:

Email: Contact AABA

Mailing Address:2900 West Broadway, Box 4

Louisville, Kentucky 40211

Miguel Hampton, MSM

African American Business Alliance


Current Issues

  • The State of Minority Business and Community Development in Kentucky

  • The State of Minortiy Business and Commuity Development in Southern Indiana

  • Kentucky and Indiana State and local Government Procurement Policies

  • Wealth Development and Economic Education

  • State and Local Transportation